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Located in Lancaster, Ohio, Anchor Hocking was founded in 1905. The name came from the merger of the AnchorCap and Closure Corp with Hocking Glass in 1937. While there has always been significant interest in Fire King kitchenware items and patterns produced by Anchor Hocking, in recent years Fire King Mugs have become some of the most popular collectible mugs, with much of the interest being fueled by collectors in Japan and Asia. The enormous interest in Fire King Jadeite pieces has also driven up prices.

One of the coolest things we've seen is a Fire King Cafe in Japan that actually serves everything out of Fire King ware!

Despite the huge interest in these mugs, they remain collectible for the average person and can often be found at yard sales and thrift stores. This is largely due to the fact that they were produced in huge numbers so there are still a lot of items remaining today. Prices can range from under a dollar to several hundred dollars for a single mug. For serious collectors, there are several good publications for fire king mugs.

The Anchor Hocking company still produces glassware today and is the second largest supplier in the United States. Actual Fire King is no longer produced, although they have made reproductions at times.

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Recommended Reading:

Fire King Mug Book
by Satoshi Yamashita

Currently one of the best and most comprehensive Anchor Hocking and Fire King Mug books around, but note that it is written in Japanese. It features 857 different mugs, with about half of those being Fire King. Includes detailed photos plus backstamps and gives a numbering and rarity guide for each mug.

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Fire King Hand Book
by Kazutoshi Akimoto

Guide for Fire-King kitchenware and mugs. Includes brilliant photos, identification help and a rarity guide, plus info on newer repro Fire King 2000. Also interesting is a sort of "yellow pages" showing Fire King sellers in Japan. The book is written in Japanese, but has helpful information and photos regardless.

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Anchor Hocking's Fire-King & More: Identification & Value Guide, Including Early American Prescut And Wexford
by Gene and Cathy Florence

A great general Fire King identification book, loaded with shelves of pictured Fire King mixing bowls, mugs, and other items, along with patterns facts and prices.

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